Here you’ll find all of my home-themed posts! There will be decorating, renovations and tips and tricks to boot.

9 Easy Ways to Make a Home Your Own

There are always things that you can do to make a home your own, even if you’re only renting. Sure, when you don’t own your new place, there are some restrictions but from experience, if… View Post

Ways to Look After the Environment at Home

Finding ways to look after the environment at home has been at the forefront of a lot of peoples’ minds at the moment. The world needs our care and consideration and for the human race… View Post

Creating a Small Office Space

Working in digital, I’m no stranger to working from home every so often so having a desk set up is vital to me. Creating a small office space in a corner of a room can… View Post

Where to Start a Home Renovation

As you can guess from our before and after pictures, knowing where to start a home renovation can be incredibly overwhelming. When there’s so much that’s needed to be done, it’s hard to decide where… View Post

Home Renovation Before and After Pictures

It’s been a labour of love and we’re finally in a position where it feels like home and I’m happy to share our first home renovation before and after pictures. If you follow me on… View Post