Why I Don’t Blog Consistently

I’ve been blogging for almost six years on and off. Why am I not hitting tens of thousands of viewers per month? I don’t blog consistently as it isn’t something I live and breath. I write because I enjoy it. There are plenty of others out there that blog for a living and that’s completely and utterly awesome. My blog is a place for my headspace. A place I come to when I’m inspired or when I have completely fallen in love with something. Whether it be a place, a product or recipe. I don’t like to restrict myself on a ‘niche’ so I’m you’re stereotypical lifestyle blogger who dips in and out of different posts on the spectrum. I haven’t found that one unsaturated genre in the blogging market and I’m happy plodding along as I am.

Blogging for yourself is important

I hate my posts when they are force-written. Getting my hands on the latest beauty products just to write about them is a chore. This was something that I did frequently and it made blogging feel sluggish and like I wasn’t getting any where. I changed my mindset and now only write about things that I have passion for. I’ll take inspiration from others, from places I visit or from ideas that I hear of. Strained posts are obvious from the outset and there are so many out there. The idea of having blogging as a career is an amazing fantasy that some are lucky to live. Giving companies a half-hearted review of a product I don’t really care about is not something I like to do. It comes across as non-genuine and I always feel demotivated when I do.

With mental health becoming more amplified in the blogosphere, I think it’s great that people are talking about their problems and issues online. Even if no one is reading, it’s getting things off your chest in a positive and productive way. Your heart has got to be in subject so that your passion and persona comes through your words. Write about something because you feel something. Not because a company has asked you to or because ‘x’ blogger is also writing about the same thing.

Strive to be your best you

Previously, I’ve always compared myself to others. “Why has she only been blogging for ‘x’ years and has ‘x’ thousand followers?” I don’t look at the numbers anymore. When I’m reading other incredible bloggers’ work, I’ll look at the content, not the stats. So why did I used to concentrate on the statistics so much? No, when I write, I’ll constantly try to improve my writing style and make sure that it’s the best it can be. I’ll focus on the subjects I’m writing about and try not to go off topic like I used to.

Social media is my downfall

I hate scheduling posts, it’s a tedious task and something I really don’t enjoy. So I don’t tend to do it anymore. My posts automatically link to Twitter and Bloglovin’ and I manually post on Facebook. That’s as much as I do now. If it’s a post I’ve really enjoyed writing, I occasionally promote it a bit more but I don’t spend hours creating and scheduling anymore.

Something that I do enjoy doing from time to time is joining in with Twitter chats. I find that these are a natural way to promote your content; if you’re saying relevant and interesting things, people will naturally go on your blog. You don’t need to constantly bombard people with tweets with links. Not that I don’t enjoy finding new bloggers this way but I like to stumble upon them.

I will never be consistent

As much as I try, I don’t blog consistently. I’ll plan posts but sometimes life gets in the way and I’m more of a write and post kinda girl. Writing inspiration comes in waves and falls for me. Some days, like today, I’ll write three posts in one, then I wont write anything for a few weeks. I’m not going to force a post, I’ll just let it flow as and when I feel like it.