If I Won The Lottery

if i won the lottery

Everyone has fantasies about coming into a lot of money and the holidays and such they’d go on. Have you ever seriously thought about what you would do with such an immense amount of money? Money definitely doesn’t make you happy necessarily but it can help you achieve goals that you have and do things you’ve only dreamed about doing. These are the things I would do if I won the lottery.

Buy A House/Apartment

I’ve always wanted to buy somewhere but there’s no way I can afford a deposit at the moment. Renting is such a waste of money and is only benefitting your landlord. Buying a little townhouse in Manchester or an apartment in one of the converted mills and completely making it mine has always been a dream. I have so many boards on Pinterest with things I want to have in my future house. I wouldn’t get something over-the-top or unmanageable. Just something big enough for me and a spare room for friends and family.

Treat My Family To A Disney Trip

We’ve always stayed in a villa in Orlando which I love but I would love to do a two week stay in a Disney hotel. I was lucky enough to stay in the villas at the Wilderness Lodge one night and they are gorgeous! There are so many restaurants that I still haven’t done because they were a bit pricey too that I’d like to experience.

Donate To A Charity That’s Close To Me

I don’t just mean a little, I’d want to input a significant amount. My grandma is in a dementia home so I would probably do something for that. I think if I were to win such a large amount of money, I would never spend all of it. Putting something back that helps others would be so much more beneficial than me blowing it on clothes and make-up.

Find Something I Love

I don’t mean in terms of a job necessarily as I’m already doing a job I love, but a hobby. They don’t always have to be expensive but there’s so much I would like to try out or pick back up that costs money. I was part of the pole dancing society at uni and rejoined in Chester when I first moved here but it’s so expensive to keep up.

Do a Complete Road Trip of the USA

If I won the lottery, one of my biggest dreams is to do a road trip and visit every single State in America. From the little bit of travelling I did whilst living in Florida, I only want to see more of the USA. Every single state varies and I want to experience every single one.

“Not all who wander are lost”

One of my favourite quotes comes from J. R. R. Tolkien. I feel happiest when I’m traveling, I don’t feel stuck, I am just content. As much as I love my life, I often feel a little bit lost and stuck in a rut when I’m in one place and don’t have a plan for a bit of traveling down the road.

For me, I think I’d like to keep my new found riches as low key as possible. I would never give up my job and I would still live modestly but I would have the freedom to do more things that I love. Money doesn’t make people happy, but living and fulfilling life goals and experiences do make me incredibly happy.

If I won the lottery, there are so many places I’d visit. What would you do?