I’m Going Back to Disney World!!!

So I have some exciting news that you can probably guess from the title of this post… I’m heading back to work at Walt Disney World in Florida for almost 16 months in May and I really cannot wait! I’ll be working in Epcot as part of the UK Pavilion in the World Showcase. I’m going to be in the Historical Research Centre which, if you’ve been, is the shop where you can find out what your surname means and where it’s from. These can then be printed with a crest or put on a plaque, tea towel, whatever it is that you want.

As with most things, I’ll be documenting this on Miss Danielle every step of the way. I’m going to be starting up a Disney Cultural Representative Program Playlist on YouTube and speak about the application amongst other Disney related things. I have searched every inch of the internet for more information on the HRC section of this program but there is pretty much nothing so I’m hoping that this might help some of you.

Expect a lot of Disney World themed posts but also a lot of American beauty product reviews, lifestyle adjustment posts and general everyday posts just as usual. I haven’t decided whether I’ll be doing a new site or keeping it as part of this yet but all will become clearer this week!

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I’m Going Back to Disney World!!!