How to Keep Organised When You’re Busy at Work and at Home

keep organised when you're busy

Having a full-time job, hobbies, a social life and a side-hustle can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Staying on track is a skill of its own. There are things you can do to make life easier though. Here are just a few of the ways you can try to keep organised when you’re busy at work and at home.

Time Blocking

Time blocking is my best friend for tasks at work that have deadlines. The simplest way to do this is by using a calendar app. For me, Google Calendar is the easiest to use, especially if it’s something you’re working on others with. The way this works for me is I’ll block out tasks like I would meetings. Some days I’m in and out of calls but I have other things that also need to be completed. Blocking time in a public calendar means that no one will try to book you out when you have other tasks that need a priority amount of time.

At home, I’m not as strict as this for specific things. I’ll block time out for going to the gym and maybe something generic like freelance work or blog post writing but that’s more for my own sanity.

Task Tools

How to Keep Organised When You're Busy at Work and at Home 1

Personally, I love using Asana, both in work and out of. I’ll write actions off the back of calls as a reminder that they need to be done. For my blog, I’ll use it to document blog ideas and also things that I need to photograph or want to buy. It’s essentially an organised list that I can block out into themes then boards. For example, I have a “Photos” project that is then split into a board that’s organised by ‘To Take’, ‘To Edit’ or ‘To Add’. This way, I find it much easier to plan photos for my Instagram and my posts.

Make Time to Plan

This is the number one thing I do to keep organised when I’m busy at work and at home. It doesn’t have to be a long task but it sets me up for the day. First thing when I get to up, I’ll write down a couple of things that I want to achieve that day. Even if some of those items are for leisure and more for self-care, they’re important for me to note down.

When I get to work, or sometimes on the train, I do the same with my tasks for the day. I’ll list them out in order of importance and then look at realistically what I’m going to get done. I’ll then sometimes use this to steer my time blocking depending on what I have on that week.

Stick to a Routine

This can often be a little difficult to start with but habits can take time. There are a few things I’m trying to make part of my daily routine in order to stay on track. I try not to check my emails more than three times per day. It takes me off task and if something is urgent, someone will normally speak directly with me either in person or by calling.

I’m starting to have specific days where I go to the gym, blog or have a phone-free evening. Although the days alternate depending on Curt’s shift patterns, I’ll actively try to allocate evenings that are dedicated to these.

Take Time Off

This is so important. Always take time to relax and just be without worrying. Even if it’s only to do a ten-minute Headspace or a sit-down shower (these are amazing if you have never done this!). Making sure your brain has a chance to shut off and refresh does me the world of good when I’m feeling stressed because I’m busy and under pressure. Make time for it.

There are so many different tools and ways that can help you to keep organised when you’re busy at work and at home. How so you stay on track with life?