Preparing For A Lifestyle Change

You may have read here that I used to take part in something called LDN Muscle. I’ve missed doing it whilst being away and now that I’m settled, I’ve really wanted to get back into it. I started version two on Monday 7th as this is what I used to do with my previous housemate. She kindly sent me then new version that she’d purchased an it looks so much better! I’ll do an updated post on this once I’m about six weeks in. You need to do a little bit of preparation in advance so that it’s less likely you’ll give up. These are my tips for taking on something like this and preparing for a lifestyle change. It’s not just a fitness routine, it helps you change the way you look at your work outs and really do something that physically and mentally adapts you.

Products, Supplements and Food Shopping

With the LDN Muscle plan, specifically the third version, they say that the supplements in the guide aren’t necessarily something you have to use. For me personally, I take daily vitamins from Aldi and I have MyProtein Whey Protein. I have it after my workouts, in porridge and also bake with it. In terms of food, I buy my meat in bulk from Muscle Food as it works out so much cheaper. I portion it into bags when it comes and then freeze it. This saves money and I always have it in.

Your Schedule

Plan when you’re going to do your gym sessions in advance. It sound silly but if you set them in stone, you’re less likely to back out of them. I try to do my weekly ones before work at the crack of dawn. That way it’s done and dusted and my evenings are free. Getting up early can take a while to get used to but it’s fine once you’re in the habit.

Meal Planning

With the LDN Muscle plan, something I found difficult was the amount of calories I had to consume. Don’t be put off, it works. You need the energy when you’re using weights and I’ve still lost inches. I tend to cook all my work lunches a few days at a time on a Sunday and Thursday. Dinner I’ll usually make on the day so it’s nice and fresh. MyFitnessPal is a saviour when it comes to planning what nutrients and macros you need when. Plan your meals with these in mind at the weekend.


When I say events, this can involve just general eating out. If I’m doing something spontaneous, I’ll try to fit with the healthier items on a menu. I’ll get salads instead of chips and put the sauce/dressing on the side. If it’s something I know about in advance, I’ll treat myself. There’s no point getting FOMO about food you’ve not had. You’ll crave it more and probably ending up eating something worse and not as satisfying.


Fitness for me is really important; I’ve never been stick thin and I really enjoy having a bit of tone and strength to my physique. I’ll always try and prioritise it which is why I try and get it done in a morning so my evenings and weekends are free to do what I want. As much as I hate this phrase, ‘You only live once’ so make sure you’re treating your body nicely.

When you look over lifestyle plans with an overhaul of your diet and fitness, it can be really daunting. Make sure you read through everything, ask for advice if you need it and get everything in advance to help you stay committed. Most of all, make sure you’re doing it for you. No one else. I hope these tips help you in preparing for a lifestyle change!

What would you say are the most important things to bear in mind when preparing for a lifestyle change?