Making Time to Be More Body Positive

Making Time to be More Body Positive

Trying to get peace of mind when it comes to enjoying how you look is a long old road to journey down, isn’t it? I’ve started making time to be more body positive and it’s starting to have a better effect on my mental health. I wanted to share what I’ve been doing (or not in some cases) to help my mindset.

First of all, probably one of the biggest moves I’ve made towards making time to be more body positive is I’ve stopped weighing myself. I haven’t been actively trying to lose weight but for the most part I’ve made an effort to eat well and run at the start of lockdown. I kept weighing myself and nothing was shifting and it was getting me so down. It’s not the first time I’ve got into a bad cycle of constantly checking the scales and feeling crappy.

Making Time to be More Body Positive

In August, I made the decision to stop weighing myself. Not just every day, but full stop. I’ve even stopped doing Luna’s Instagram weight posts because I was having to weigh myself to get hers whilst holding her. It’s been just over four weeks and I’m already feeling so much better. I’m listening to my body, I’m eating what feels right to me and I’m working out because I want to, not because I want to lose weight. I only hope that the beginning of this mindset transformation continues.

Secondly, give gratitude and thanks to everything your body does for you. Making time to be more body positive by doing this is putting that good mindset out in the universe. This is something that I picked up from one of Poppy Rose’s body-positive workshops back in June time. It feels so good to appreciate everything that your body does and helps to set in the idea that beauty isn’t just skin deep.

Making Time to be More Body Positive

Thirdly, building up from the gratitude and thanks, I try to say one thing out-loud that I love about my body every day. Some days this can be really difficult and it can be something as simple as “I love my eyes” but it has really helped changed my mindset. I feel that not wearing make-up over lockdown as much has had its ups and downs. It’s helped me to enjoy living in my own skin a bit more. Then some days, I feel like putting make-up on nudges my confidence up a couple of notches.

Finally, the biggest thing that has helped making time to be more body positive ten times easier is Instagram. There, I said it. Social media can have a really bad effect on mental health and comparing yourself to others but it’s genuinely helped this time. I went through all my followers and got rid of any profiles that were getting me down or weren’t giving me joy – through no fault of their own.

Making Time to be More Body Positive

I follow a lot more body-positive women now who are all different shapes and sizes. It’s so refreshing to scroll through my feed and feel lifted up rather than dragged down because I’m not skinny enough or tanned enough, etc. There are so many incredible accounts out there with beautiful girls that are so confident in themselves. If you’re looking for some to follow yourself, have a look at Unwritten Chloe, The Birds Papaya (Sarah), Hannah Briggs, A Slice of Chic (Yaz) and Helen Anderson. You can find so many under different hashtags too, I usually go through a few on their posts to find more inspirational women.

Making time to be more body positive, especially at the moment, is so important. Finding not only peace in how I look but loving and feeling confident is a long journey but I’m getting there. I’m starting to enjoy how I look more and my mental health is doing so much better for it.

I challenge you to do two of the things I’ve mentioned in this post and see how you feel after just a few weeks, if not days! Let me know how you do in the comments.