Manchester Bloggers Meet

Manchester Bloggers Meet

Manchester Bloggers Meet 1

I’m attempting to take the initiative and set up a Manchester bloggers meet! A few people on the #bbloggers Twitter chat have mentioned getting one sorted so I’ve decided to take up the challenge. I’m looking to arrange it for the start of March so it gives people a bit of time to make sure they’re not working or arrange transport to get here if you’re not in Manchester. It also gives me chance to find out what people want to get out of a meet and email a few companies/brands about having a few demonstrations/goody bags.

Now, I’ve never organised a meet up before so if anyone has any experience or would just generally like to help out, that would be great. If you can email me at with a little introduction about you and your blog and any ideas you have, that would be amazing!

I’d love to know what you’d like to get out of the meet, other than us all talking about beauty, please feel free to leave some comments below. Also, would people prefer day time or evening, weekday or weekend? I want to take into consideration that bloggers are different ages and have different commitments so want to try and make it accessible to everyone.

Please let me know any thoughts and ideas as soon as possible so I can get dates and events set in stone and organised. It would also be useful to know if people would be willing to pay a small fee if we were to do something like a mini pamper in a salon. Just a few ideas I’ve thrown together so just want to know what people would prefer :)

UPDATEI’ve been enquiring about a few different things over the last few days and in order to know what people would like the event to involve, if you are planning to attend, please could you answer the polls below. Thanks!

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