Moving in Together – 7 Handy Tips

Moving in Together – 7 Handy Tips

Curt and I are officially living in our own place together! I haven’t lived with a boyfriend before so although I have lived away from the family home, this is a new experience for me. There are a few things we had to consider whilst getting ready for our apartment so I put together this handy guide with 7 tips for moving in together.

  1. Deciding on the type of house/apartment.

  2. This might seem like a really obvious thing to say but we went back and forth about whether we wanted to move into a flat or a house. I’ve lived in both before but have more nostalgic memories from living in an apartment in Manchester. Houses are also more upkeep so an apartment suited us better. Especially as they tend to be more central which meant we can get around by train or bus if we wanted to. Moving in Together
  3. Budgets

  4. Talking about money shouldn’t be awkward. Whether you’re moving in with friends or a boyfriend, be open about what you can and can’t afford. Set yourselves and agree on budgets that won’t leave you with next to anything. Keep in mind any bills that could fluctuate and look up the council tax prices before signing a rental contract.
  5. Joint bank accounts

  6. This isn’t a necessity but we decided it would make life so much easier. We made a joint account for all of our outgoings that we shared. The best deal that we could find was through First Direct and we got £100 for switching accounts which was a nice bonus towards the cost of moving in together.
  7. Decorating

  8. Once you’ve decided where you’re moving to, discuss a few ideas with what colours you want in each room. I know this can be a little more difficult if you’re renting but it doesn’t necessarily mean painting, more styles and furniture colours. Luckily for us, our apartment is very clean and white but with one feature wall that I love! Moving in Together
  9. Chores

  10. Although this might be really boring to most, there are certain chores that I enjoy doing and others that I hate. One of those hates is ironing. I can’t remember the last time I did. Curt said that he doesn’t mind doing it so now I can have freshly pressed clothes. Moving in together will definitely show you each others’ good and bad habits so try and compromise with the chores.
  11. Deciding on items that are needed

  12. We already had a bed and a mattress so this is one less thing we needed to buy. Luckily, our apartment came with built-in wardrobes which was another bonus. The only things that we needed were sofas, a desk and a few kitchen bits. Moving in Together
  13. Deciding on items that are wanted

  14. Lastly, but probably not least, deciding on things that you wanted. There’s a fine line between these sometimes so it can be difficult to make a decision. For example, we wanted a desk but also had a few ideas in mind. We could have got a cheaper option but we both really liked the idea of having a set of Alex drawers from Ikea with one of their kitchen tops. It’s perfect and will last us much longer than a flimsy premade desk. Moving in Together

I hope this is useful to some of you, it can be a little daunting moving in together for the first time. It’s important that you both feel comfortable taking the leap and discuss any anxieties before doing so. Afterall, once all the awkward discussions are out of the way, you get to do the fun part; living together!