My Day-To-Day Eating Habits

My Day-To-Day Eating Habits

I’ve trying my hardest to really take an account of what I’ve been eating recently. I do really well for days and then the weekend comes and I’m not that as good. On the most part though, I tend to only have two cheat meals at the weekend. I’m generally good in work unless there’s birthday cake – apart from the exception of Friday when there was every type of sweet going and I couldn’t stop eating Haribo Tangfastics. Minus the odd slip here and there, I’m generally quite good. I’m trying to keep my eating habits simple, partially so I don’t get tempted by naughty food and partially to stop me from splurging. I can’t emphasise how important it is for me to meal plan so that I’m being healthy. If I plan out my food for the week, I’ll generally stick to it and nothing goes to waste.

Following a macronutrient and calorie plan tends to work best for me to stay healthy and keep in shape. I try to stay around 1500 kcals with 45% coming from protein, 30% from fat and 25% from carbohydrates. Whilst I’m trying to lose weight, I’m sticking with the same calorie intake whether I go to the gym or not. When I start going on longer runs (3 miles +) I’ll probably switch my carbs up so that I have a decent amount of fuel for them.


I tend to try and get a lot of calories in at breakfast, mainly because I won’t snack before lunch and also because I tend to be in the gym at 6am. Nobody wants a hungry Danielle at work, she’s a mardy one! Depending on how I’ve planned my lunch and dinner, depends what macros I’ll have for my brekkie. Typically, I’ll always have a shake made with 2 scoops of protein, a banana, coconut/almond milk and peanut butter and a coffee. If I feel like I want to eat something properly, I’ll often have some avocado and poached eggs on some rye bread. Some other things I eat for breakfast at work I’ve mentioned in this post but I haven’t been making it too varied at the moment.

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The easiest thing I tend to make for work is a salad. I usually make one based from either spinach or rocket with radishes (I love them so much right now!) spring onions, tomatoes and some tuna. I’ll top it off with some white wine vinegar or balsamic glaze and either olive or sesame oil. I’ll normally have a yoghurt of some sort; recently I’ve been having either the Alpro Go-On yoghurts or a Fage Fruyo Yoghurt. Both are good for getting a bit of extra protein in for my lunch and taste yummy. I’ve recently tried out a place called 49 Watergate in Chester who have an amazing falafel salad for only £4!


I like to change things up as much as I can for my dinner so that I don’t get too bored. I try to stay away from carbs in the evening unless I go to the gym straight from work. Stir fry is a favourite of mine, I’ll use either carrot or butternut squash spiralized noodles with a load of veg and either salmon, chicken or tuna steaks. I vary my sauces but usually opt for one made from chilis, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and honey for a sweet chili style mix. As much as he’s either a love of a hate, I like to make a fair amount of recipes from the Joe Wicks’ books. A lot of the ingredients are similar so I can often have different things each night without wasting and without things going off.


I find it really difficult to get through the day without snacking sometimes so I’ll always try and have something healthy to hand. I tend to snack on apples with peanut butter, Eat Natural Protein Packed bars, oranges, yoghurts or beef jerky. There have been a lot of sweets in work at the moment that I find really difficult to avoid at the moment but otherwise I’m pretty good. Having a hot drink on the go always helps to keep hunger as a distraction at bay too. I drink over 2.5 litres a day and top that off with either some Pukka Matcha Green Tea or one of the flavours from the Twinings Green Tea Indulgence range.

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I think one of the biggest factors to staying healthy is preparing your meals and snacks. It’s so much easier if you’re having cravings and you have something that’s good for you to hand. Make sure you’re drinking at least 2-3 litres of water a day too; often when you feel hungry it can because you’re dehydrated. I’ve cut out coffee a fair bit too and tend to have one when I first get to work and occasionally one after lunch.

What do you eat to try and stay healthy?