My Favourite Kitchen Cleaning Products

My Favourite Kitchen Cleaning Products

If you haven’t heard of the infamous Mrs Hinch over the last few months, then I really don’t know where you’ve been! I started following her just before last summer when she was just getting big. Since then, she’s gained over two million followers and gaining more each day. I think a lot of people getting into a ‘cleaning hobby’ probably have her to thank and I know I do! Taking inspiration, I decided to show you my favourite kitchen cleaning products. There are a fair few recommended products from the one and only Sophie and a few that I’ve always used. From worktops to kitchen bins, there are always set items I’ll do daily, weekly or monthly to keep my kitchen smelling and looking fresh.

Dettol Power & Fresh Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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This is a product I’ve always used diluted. It’s so versatile and can be used for cleaning so many different things. Once a week, I’ll use it diluted in my mop, give the kitchen bin and recycling box a quick wipe round and occasionally I’ll switch out my Zaflora and use this on the cupboard doors instead. If you ever have any stubborn grease, you can use this neat to help wipe any residue left behind. I often use this on my sink too and leave it to soak overnight to wake up to a nice fresh smell. You can get a few different scents but personally, I use the pomegranate one.

Cif Cream & Scrub Daddy

Something I really couldn’t live without now is my Cif Cream and Scrub Daddy You can normally get Cif wherever you shop for about a pound so it’s a really cheap but effective item. Once a week, I’ll clean the oven glass with this. I don’t see the point in cleaning the inside every week but the glass can get some grubby burnt bits. Using the two together helps to get rid of any stubborn grime whilst not being too abrasive. I also use this on my hob more or less every other day. Ceramic hobs are super easy to keep clean but this helps get rid of any stubborn ‘cooked-on’ grime.


So there aren’t many places that Zoflora can’t be used. I’ll use it to wipe down the cupboards and disinfecting surfaces. It’s also great to use inside the microwave and just give it a freshen up. Ours doesn’t get used very often so it only needs a wipe down once a week. The best thing about the Zoflora sprays is that they leave the room smelling amazing. I tend to stick to the Linen Fresh scent for the kitchen but I’ve tried a few others in different rooms.

Bin Buddy in Berry Blast

kitchen bin buddy

Another favourite is the Bin Buddy that I found in Aldi on the Special Buys. I’d never seen it before but realised after that it’s another product that Mrs Hinch uses and has in her Instagram Stories. I bought mine in the Berry Blast scent and although I like it, I wish I’d got the citrus one. I use this in the kitchen bin every day or so just to keep any bad smells at bay. I don’t think I ever realised how much a good quality bin costs so I want to look after it!

Minky Antibacterial Cleaning Pad

So this is probably the number one product that Mrs Hinch has made famous! The Minky Antibacterial Cleaning Pad. Not dissimilar in looks to a sanitary towel but an essential in my kitchen now. It has two sides, one is microfibre for everyday cleaning, and the other side is for scrubbing harder stains and spillages. If I’m just doing a general clean of the hob, I’ll use this over my Scrub Daddy as it’s much lighter if there’s not a lot of mess. The softer side is great for wiping down the cupboards too.

I love that there are so many Instagram accounts now on cleaning. There are things I’ve always wondered how to clean or if there are better or more effective ways to do them. To be honest, my kitchen is one of the rooms I’ve always kept sparkling for hygiene reasons but I’ve never really been that bothered about other places in the house as much. Apart from hoovering and dusting but that now seems fairly basic in comparison!

What are your favourite kitchen cleaning products?


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