New York: Shopping and Brooklyn

I spent the last two days of my trip wandering through streets just trying to take in as much as possible before leaving. The first day, I spent in Soho, China Town and Little Italy. I did most of my shopping as well, buying some new jeans from American Eagle Outfitters super cheap along with a fair amount of other stuff. I had a wonderful coffee with some mini Italian pastries in a cafe called La Bella Ferrara, just off Mulberry Street. Most of the pictures I have are of buildings but there were so many beautiful ones that I could not take loads of snaps along the way!

I did an incredible amount of walking on my last day! I walked from where I was staying in Greenpoint to Bedford Avenue where I had some amazing French toast with fresh strawberries. There are loads of little cafe’s and charity shops along here. Afterwards, I headed towards Atlantic Avenue, which is just a little bit further than Brooklyn Heights, as I had read that it was good for shopping. There was a big Target and a few other high street shops, but I couldn’t find anything that was amazing.

The one thing that I really wanted to do before leaving was walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, so after shopping for a bit, I headed back towards it. I’d read about the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory which is close to where you can get the ferry over to Manhattan so couldn’t resist trying some, and I was not disappointed! The Brooklyn Bridge itself is incredible!! The metal work on it looks so complicated and is truly beautiful. You could see an amazing view of Lower Manhattan so I took lots of photos and these are some of my favourites.

If you know me, I got some pretty heartbreaking news at the end of my Disney program and I can honestly say that my week in New York was the beginning of a beautiful fresh start. I have met some pretty amazing people this summer and I have become more independent and learnt a lot about myself in the process. New York was a beautiful ending to a perfect summer, spending it with friends seeing some of the most amazing sights I have ever witnesses. I can honestly say, at this moment in time, I have never been so happy or so proud of myself!

MAC Cremesheen in Modesty
New York: Shopping and Brooklyn