Organising Your Time When You’re Unemployed

Organising Your Time When You’re Unemployed

I’ve been searching for a job since I came back but one thing I’ve been making sure is that I don’t spiral and spend my days watching TV all day. When I came back in 2013, I spent pretty much three months watching Dexter, The Vampire Diaries and Lost Girl. I found it really difficult to see friends because I was living at my mums at least a couple of hours away from friends. I was running short of money and I completely lost my motivation and passion for everything. I’ve been so determined not to fall into that again. I’m trying to live by certain rules so I thought I’d share these with you; my advice for organising your time when you’re unemployed.

Stay in a routine

One of the worst things I could have done when I was last unemployed: being lazy and lying in EVERY DAY. It was really hard to have a reason to get up when I was having no luck getting a job. This time, I’ve made sure I’m going to bed at a decent time and also getting up around 8/9am. Now, I’m not saying don’t have the odd cheeky lay in, just don’t make a habit of it. Currently, I get up at a decent time, have breakfast whilst watching Lorraine or This Morning, something like that. I’ll try and get out for a run and I’ve just generally been trying to get out of the apartment. Even if it’s just for a Starbucks or a wander round town.

Get a hobby

No matter what it is, try and find a hobby. It keeps your mind active and gives you something to be passionate about. For me, it’s been easy; blogging. I’ve missed it so much this year whilst taking a break but it was so refreshing. I’ve had many new ideas and have made an editorial calendar that so far, I’ve stuck to. It’s not a chore and it’s something I really enjoy that I find really fun doing.

See friends and family

This is something that doesn’t have to cost a lot if anything. Your family are always going to want to see you, take the time to make the effort to see them. See friends you haven’t been in touch with for a while. Get friends that live a bit further away to come and see you if you’re strapped for cash.

Cook or bake

Whilst you have a bit (ok a lot…) of free time, take advantage and up your ‘adult’ skills. I love cooking and I tend to always cook from scratch, it’s a rare day that you see me microwave something. Unless it’s soup. Bake a simple cake or cook a full roast for your family. Use your time to eat more healthily and be aware of what ingredients you’re using and what flavours work well. I find cooking really therapeutic and the smell of something made fresh is oh so much better than something in a packet.

Organising Your Time When You're Unemployed


I’ve always found it really difficult to finish books. Until recently. I’ve started reading and The Girl on the Train and I really can’t put it down! Find a book you’re really interested in. If it doesn’t keep you gripped, change. I don’t think there’s any point in wasting time on a book that you’re not into 100%. There’s nothing more that I love now than getting into bed all cosy and reading for an hour. It’s a nice down to wind down before going to sleep without the distraction of electronics.

Have a plan

Plans don’t always work out, sometimes they can change for the better or the worse. BUT, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. You can sometimes get knock backs from job interviews you’ve had but have faith. Think of a backup plan too. Do you mind doing a less favourable job until you get the right one? How much much do you have to live off until you get THE job you want. It’s obviously a little easier if you’re living at home but even still, your funds may run out. Have a goal in mind; get a job in the next month but get a job you REALLY want in the next six months. Something achievable. Again, if it doesn’t happen, try not to let it get to you.

So, I hope this advice has helped you a little if you’re struggling at organising your time when you’re unemployed. It can be difficult to swallow sometimes especially when you’re an ‘adult’ and not fresh out of university or school. Don’t get down and use your free time effectively so that it’s not wasted once you do find yourself somewhere. And most of all; STAY POSITIVE!

How do you organise your time when you’re unemployed or going through a rough patch?