How to Pamper Yourself After a Festival


The day after is the time to pamper yourself after a festival and get back to normality before work. I took extra steps to help make me feel refreshed after such a muddy week at Download Festival. We all know, come rain or shine, festivals leave you feeling tired, grubby and a few years older than you were when you arrived. I like my creature comforts so getting back to my bed, shower and real food afterwards was a blessing.

For me, a sit-down shower is the best way to pamper yourself after a festival. There’s nothing better than having hot water run over you whilst you’re sitting down in the bath or shower tray. The thought of having a bath after being so grubby does not sit well with me so this is the next best thing. Light a candle or wax melts, get a really luxurious body wash and just sit and enjoy feeling clean again. The day after, I did have a bath with some lavender drops in to send me off to sleep though. That was a dream!

After only using either baby wipes, my skin was in desperate need of a scrub and some moisture. I love to use my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (review coming soon!) so after almost five days without it, my skin felt nicely renewed! I also used the Intensive Moisture Balance that I got a free sample of in my last order. Later in the evening, I gave my skin another pamper using my Tropic Clear Skin Mask. Without a doubt, my go-to every single time.

Pamper yourself after a festival
Pamper yourself after a festival

The exfoliating sock foot masks that you can see above were recommended by a friend. I bought them from Amazon before I went and they were a great little treat afterwards. They contain a gel liquid that smells a little like lavender mixed with nail polish remover – not the greatest! You wear them for around 90 minutes and let them soak in. I wore socks over the top just to keep my feet warm and reduce the squelch when walking! After about two days, you start to see your dry skin peel away. Kind of gross but the results leave your feet feeling baby soft! Top your toes off with a little bit of varnish and you’ll soon feel like you’ve had a post-festival pamper.

I stupidly thought it was a great idea to get acrylic nails before going to Download. They felt vile by the end of it. Taking them off was an opportunity to pamper myself after the festival. After removal, I filed and manicured my nails and topped them off with Sally Hanson’s Hard as Nails. They’re so brittle and thin straight after so it was more out of necessity than a choice.

How do you like to pamper yourself after a festival?