Reasons To Be Selfish in Your Twenties

Reasons To Be Selfish in Your Twenties

Being a twenty-something millennial, I’m not the first or the last to have been called selfish. At this age, I think there’s nothing wrong with that. Why has it been deemed so negatively? For most of us, this is the time we get to explore who we are and the world around us without feeling guilty. Before we settle into a career or get ties with a significant other or have a sense of ‘adulthood’. Generally, we have finished education and want to broaden our horizons. These reasons to be selfish in your twenties aren’t necessarily applicable to everyone but for me, they are exactly why I live for myself and nobody else.


Dating has been difficult for me. I’ve been in a cycle of liking someone more than they like me or not having a spark with someone who really likes me. I am first to judge which is maybe a little bad on my part but hey, I don’t want to settle. I want someone who gives me butterflies and that I’d like to spend a significant amount of time with. I’m not going to be with someone who I can’t see a future with. And I’m not sorry about it.


Many of us have friendships that can be toxic. Your friends see it, and you’ve started to see it. They take more than they give. Remove them from your life, you deserve better. There are also friendships that some of your nearest and dearests don’t necessarily understand. That’s not the end of the world. If someone lights up your life in some way, even if they’re not everybody’s favourite person, keep them. It’s your life, do as you please.

Reasons to be selfish in your twenties


A quote I have always loved is from Hans Christian Anderson: “…To travel is to live.” I can’t think of anything truer. I was really worried that living in America for the last year and a bit would set me back. I’m not where I wanted to be career-wise but I’ve gained so much more. I’ve experienced living in Florida, meeting some of the greatest people I know and had the most amazing adventures. There’s no bigger thrill than getting in a car, driving for more hours than I ever have before and ending up in a completely different landscape. The mountains, Nashville, a southern town. Each place different with something new to learn. If you want to travel, do it whilst you can. It only becomes more difficult to do with responsibilities and age.

Be Yourself

This is the most important thing I can say. Do you. If you don’t want a night out and fancy a cozy evening in front of the TV whilst your friends are at the bar, don’t go. If you want to see a film that nobody else does, go on your own. Enjoy doing the things you love, get to know yourself and don’t be afraid. One of the biggest reasons to be selfish in your twenties is to discover yourself and find happiness being you.

There are so many reasons to be selfish in your twenties; it’s about becoming you are, widening your horizons and keeping people in your life that have a positive impact. Do what makes you happy and find yourself, no one’s going to do it for you.

What are your reasons to be selfish in your twenties?