Road Trip Part Two: Charleston, South Carolina

Road Trip Part Two: Charleston, South Carolina

After spending almost two full days in Savannah, we ended up only having around 30 hours in Charleston but got a lot done. Vikki was in contact with her friend’s mum, Athene, who lived there and was delighted to give us a tour of Charleston by car. We got to see so much more than if we were walking or doing something like we did in Savannah. I’m not going to bore you with a play-by-play of everything we did because a. that would take forever and b. I went at the end of April and I can’t remember the exact things we did. More, I’ll just tell you about my favourite parts. Which generally all include food.

Food and Drinks

Originally, when we got there, we had our hearts set on going to a place called Wet Willies which sells strong, alcoholic slushies (a bit like Fat Tuesday at Universal’s City Walk) but we were gutted to discover it had closed down. Major disappointment. So instead, we found a bar called Wild Wings and went there. Great wings, good fries and nice beer. And the guy that waited on us had the best well-to-do southern accent ever. Dream. Oh, and they also had live music to add to the atmosphere.

Next is Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe. A dessert cafe. That should be all you need to know. It’s just off Market Street so is really central to Downtown Charleston and is a really popular coffee and cake store. They do weird and wonderful coffees and every kind of dessert that you can think of. I got myself a berry cobbler, that was recommended by Athene, and it tasted like heaven. It was the biggest chunk, warmed and slathered in vanilla ice cream. It’s safe to say that it didn’t last very long.

Jestine's Charleston

Now, I love my southern food/everything fried and a boring shade of yellow/orange/green, so we decided to try out a restaurant with Athene called Jestine’s Kitchen and damn it was so good! I went for a fried seafood platter which was a-mazing. Lightly fried oysters, shrimp and I can’t remember what the fish was, tilapia maybe? It was delightful. It’s safe to say that I’ve never eaten so much (delicious) fried food in all my life. It came with two sides so, naturally, I got mac and cheese and then some green beans (gotta get veg in somewhere, right?).

Tourist Sites

Pineapple Fountain, Waterfront Park, Charleston

First and foremost, we had to go and see the Pineapple Fountains in Waterfront Park. If you know me, I love pineapples. On anything and everything. As food items or as a pattern or an object. Love them. Wonderfully, they are a common symbol in the South and represent hospitality; one of the things I’ve liked the most about travelling there is how welcoming and friendly everyone is. The fountains are beautiful and lots of children (and adults) were playing amongst the water and I instantly wished I’d brought my bikini because it was so hot.

Palmetto rose, Historic Charleston City Market

Make sure you take a walk through the Historic Charleston City Market if you go. It’s incredibly beautiful and full of so many different things. One thing you’ll notice is all the roses made from Palmetto leaves; they are a bit like palm trees and also the symbol of South Carolina. The SC State flag is one of my favourites and has a palmetto tree on it. The tradition of weaving the leaves into flowers goes back to the Civil War when women would give their sweethearts them before they left. Kinda cute, right?

Charles Pinckney Plantation

There’s so much history in Charleston, especially with slavery. Try and make a stop at one of the nearby plantations, we wished we’d spent more time doing this but for some of the bigger plantations, you need a full day. We did try going to Boone Hall which most of you will recognise as the house that Noah built Allie in The Notebook, but it was kind of expensive and we literally only had time to look. We went to one a bit further down the road called the Charles Pinckney Plantation who was one of the founding fathers of America and signed the US Constitution.

Rainbow Row, Charleston


Magnolia, Charleston

Angel Oak, Charleston

So there you have it. Six things that have really stuck out for me on our trip to Charleston, South Carolina. I love every minute of it and really want to go back. If you get chance to ever do a road trip in the USA, I couldn’t recommend seeing Savannah and Charleston more. They are such beautiful cities with and incredible history.

If you’ve been to Charleston, South Carolina, where were your favourite places to visit?