Road Trip Part One: Savannah, Georgia

Road Trip Part One: Savannah, Georgia

So something I’ve always wanted to do is go on a road trip in the USA and with turning 25, I took the opportunity to rent a car at a much cheaper rate (the only plus to turning that age!) Vikki and I booked a night in Savannah and a night in Charleston via AirBnB and started to plan our adventure.

We left at the crack of dawn, fuelling ourselves with an iced coffee and a Dunkin’ Donut and before we knew it, we were across the state line and into Georgia. The drive was really easy and was just straight up the 95 which was great for my first long drive over here. We pulled up to our house in Savannah for the night and fell in love with the cute porch, swing attached to a tree and the adopted cat that was there. We had made reservations at Paula Dean’s The Lady and Sons for lunch time so hopped in an Uber and headed there once we had taken all out bags in.

Lady and Sons Savannah

We went for the buffet option and the food was really great for our first true Southern experience. There was fried chicken, ribs, collared greens, mash potato, mac and cheese, biscuits and everything was covered in ‘Butter Ya’ll!’ I’ve never eaten so much fried food and sweet things in my life, so much so that I got the shakes half way through and couldn’t really have any more of the sweet ice tea!

We were supposed to be taking part in the Historical Slow Ride Tour but unfortunately the only ones booked on so we found a great alternative which was the Old Savannah Tour on a cute white trolley. We decided to get off a certain stops and have a wander round to get a feel of Savannah for ourselves. Our first stop off was Chippewa Square which most people have come to associate with the movie Forrest Gump; remember the bus stop he tells his story at? That’s where it’s set. It’s an incredibly pretty square, much like all of them are in Savannah, they all have a very British feel to them. We planned to go back the next day so that we could be cute and take photos with some chocolate, because we wanted to be those tourists.

Road Trip Part One: Savannah, Georgia 1

Part of the Old Savannah Tour were entertaining ‘tour guides. One of those that we saw was Forrest Gump himself! He went on board the trolley and told the guests a mini version of his life and then ran off into the distance. It was actually incredibly good and the actor was great. I managed to get a couple of shots of him speaking to an ice cream lady, staying in character the whole time!

Forrest Gump Savannah

We walked down all the way down Bull Street which is part of the Historic District and absolutely stunning filled with beautiful buildings and some really pretty townhouses. At the end was Forsyth Park which is one of the oldest in Savannah dating back to the 1850s. It had a beautiful fountain and a memorial to the confederates – it is the South y’all! We also couldn’t resist having a play on the swings.

Forsyth Park Savannah

One place I would really recommend to visit is the Riverfront Plaza. There are lots of little knick-knack shops, including the Savannah Candy Kitchen (which is where we bought our chocolates from the next day for our photos in Chippewa Square the next day.) We went to Top Deck Roof Top Bar to take in the sites over the Savannah River and Talmadge Memorial Bridge and saw the biggest ship carrying cargo! We weren’t there late enough to see the sunset unfortunately but it was incredibly breathtaking up there.

Savannah River

On our second day we decided to book a lunch reservation at The Olde Pink House which had been recommended to us before going to Savannah. The building itself originally belonged to James Habersham who was a significant cotton farmer in the late 1700s. The rooms are beautifully decorated and a lot of the artwork there was original. The basement has been turned into a tavern where the walk in safe is now a wine room. We ate in the main restaurant and were spoilt for choice on what we could have. I’ve always wanted to try oysters so went for fried shrimp and oysters which were delicious. We treated ourselves with fancy cocktails and the most delicious Pecan Pie and ice cream that I’ve ever had! I could quite happily live life as a Southern Belle if this was any example. Ladies that lunch, fancy cocktails and that southern charm.

Olde Pink House Savannah

We headed back into the Historic District afterwards where we had parked and explored some more of the streets and alleyways and filmed some more for the video I’m going to make of our adventure. Later in the afternoon we headed to Charleston and stopped off at Disney’s Hilton Head resort on the way. I’ll follow up with another post of this later.

I have completely fallen in love with Savannah and could not recommend anyone going enough. We only had a day and a half there and there was so much that we didn’t see. It was around a three and a half hour drive from Orlando so if you’re up for the drive then I would definitely say try and get there if you’re doing a program somewhere nearby.