Six Things I’m Loving on Disney+ Right Now

six things I'm loving on Disney+

There are six things I’m loving on Disney+ right now, since signing up. Watching different streaming services has pretty much been how I spend my evenings from the beginning of lockdown. I’m still working from home during the day so I’m trying to spend less time on my laptop. My gym routine has been thrown out the window and I no longer have a 45-minute journey into the office to contend with. I just like to spend my evenings watching a bit of TV and not having to feel the pressure of being productive during COVID-19.

The Mandolorian

I don’t normally like having to wait to watch episodes of a series but this is so good! Being a Star Wars fan, I always intended on watching this but never expected much. The hype is definitely accurate and I would thoroughly recommend catching up and binging all of the episodes now that they’re out.

Disney’s Fairytale Weddings

Despite loving Disney, I’ve never wanted to get married there. However, this show has had me in tears so many times! The weddings are gorgeous (as expected for the hefty price tags!) but the engagements are even better. They don’t just show the weddings and engagements in the parks, but all the resorts and cruises too. My favourites that I’ve seen have been in seasons two with the engagements at Aulani and on the Alaskan cruise.

Saving Mr Banks

One of my all-time favourite live-action Disney movies. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are perfect in it. If you haven’t seen Saving Mr Banks, it’s the story of Walt Disney writing and producing Mary Poppins whilst working alongside the difficult writer, P L Travers.

The Imagineering Story

My favourite thing I’m loving on Disney+ right now is The Imagineering Story. I don’t know whether it’s because I have a working history in the parks but it just brings on all the emotions for me. I’ve still got a couple more to watch but I don’t want this to end.

six things I'm loving on Disney+
Luna has also been enjoying Disney+!

Marvel Re-Runs

Now that we have access to them all on one platform, Curt and I are re-watching all of the Marvel movies in chronological order. We attempted to do it a while back but we made the mistake of including the series too and it was just too much. We’ve just finished Iron Man 2 so we’re still fairly early on but I’m excited to see The Incredible Hulk as I think it’s the only one I’ve never seen. I do love Agents of Shield too so I’ll try to catch up on this at some point too.

One Day at Disney

Again, another one of six things I’m loving on Disney+ right now, mainly because it’s about working for the company. The documentary follows different cast members across aspects of the Walt Disney Company to show their ‘day in the life’.

There’s so much, it’s hard to pick my favourites, especially with all the movies. These are the six things I’m loving on Disney+ right now purely because I keep turning back to them. What have you been watching during COVID at the moment?

Six Things I'm Loving on Disney+ Right Now 1