How to Stay Motivated with Fitness When it’s Cold

When the temperature is close to zero, it can be really difficult to get out of your warm, cosy home to exercise. With the start of the New Year, everyone likes to get back into fitness and become their ‘best selves’. This alone can be the only motivation you need but sometimes you might need that extra little push to get you on the go again. For me, running is a no-no during the colder months; I don’t enjoy it so why force yourself to do something you don’t like? I try to switch it up and do other things to stay motivated with fitness when it’s cold.

  1.  Find friends to exercise with. It’s always so much easier to stay motivated with fitness when you have people to keep you going. I go to a couple of classes each week with two of the girls from work and it’s so much more fun with them. We usually go to Body Combat and Body Pump and it’s harder to say no to going because you don’t want to let them down. Plus, it’s much funnier with others!
  2. Get your gym sessions over and done with early in the day. I’ve started trying to go early in the morning before work. Although its cold, I’d much rather come home from work and not have to go back out. It’s also a lot quieter in the mornings and working out early sets you up for the day. Once I’m in a routine, I’m so much more energised and awake for the rest of the day.
  3. Try home workouts. Over the summer I really enjoyed doing some of the Beachbody workouts and there are so many on this platform. I’ve previously done the 21 Day Fix which was great and not too challenging. There’s a huge variety of different types depending on your equipment and time but the beauty is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
  4. Book on to a gym class. Classes are a great way to have a full body workout that you can push yourself in. Most gyms have a variety focussing on different areas such as strength, dance, cardio or flexibilty. My gym gives you small fine if you miss one that you’ve booked on so it makes you more likely to not pass on going. If you’re chatty, it’s a great way to meet more people too or even just talk to an instructor and get advice.
  5. Get some new gym clothes. A big motivator for me is getting new gym clothes to wear. I’ll look forward to putting them on it helps me to get out the house and to the gym. Personally, I love Under Armour for decent prices that don’t break the bank and good quality. They also have an outlet online where you can find some great pieces. If I spend that little bit more, it makes me not want to waste them sitting in my wardrobe.
  6. Don’t count the weight you lose. If your aim is to shed the Christmas pounds, don’t count them. I find that some weeks I can work out loads, eat healthily and get a decent sleep each night and not even see a half pound movement on the scales. My biggest motivation is to take my measurements and do this every other week. It feels much more rewarding because my weight fluctuates with hormones so much.
  7. Set yourself a goal that’s not weight-loss related. I know for most people post-festive period, their aim is to lose weight but push that alongside another goal. It could be to run further/faster, lift something heavier, etc. If you focus on something like this, your weight-loss or gain should come naturally.

There’s nothing worse than a lack of drive when it comes to getting fit. We get comfy around the Christmas period and it’s more of a second thought; we’re too busy getting things ready for celebrating, seeing friends and, if you’re anything like me, travelling all over. These are the things I do the most to stay motivated with fitness when it’s cold during the winter slump. Most of all, remind yourself that you can do it and keep a positive mentality and the rest will just flow.

How do you stay motivated with fitness when it’s cold?