How To Stay in Touch with Long-Distance Friends

How To Stay in Touch with Long-Distance Friends

If there’s one thing this last year and a bit has given me, it’s some of the greatest friends all over the country, hell, the globe even. It can be really hard to not see them as often as I’d like but there’s so much you can do to stay in touch with long-distance friends. Sometimes the distance feels incredible if you’re experiencing ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) but generally it can be quite easy to keep up with. These are some of the pieces of advice I’d give if you have people you’re close with but not physically.

FaceTime/Skype Chats

This might sound really obvious but it can be hard to find a time that you can both have free. This can be ten times more difficult if there is a time difference like there is for me. One of my best friends lives on the west coast of Canada and so she’s seven hours behind. I’m quite bad at forgetting about video chats so I have to put it in my diary. It’s great to have these every month or so just to have a proper catch-up. Get a brew or a coffee on the go and it’s like you’re with each other in a coffee shop.

Social Media

This is something I hadn’t realised I do but I’m always tagging people in things that remind me of them! It’s not really talking with them properly but it’s nice to let someone know that you’re thinking about them at a random moment. Scarlett pretty much always gets me tagging her in cat videos because I know how much she loves them! Buzzfeed articles that are relatable always seem to creep up on my feed that has got one of my friends down to a T too.

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Plan to Visit

Money was restricted when we got home because we were all finding jobs and trying to get ourselves on our feet. Most of us are now working so we are starting to plan weekends with each other. It’s important to try and get together when you can and as long as you can afford it. I really looking forward to seeing my friends for the first time since Orlando, it will be so strange but absolutely great.


Is it weird that I probably use memes so much more now than I did when I lived in the same town? I regularly respond to texts with them. Like sending a text on October 2nd and asking ‘What day is it tomorrow?’ The only appropriate response is a Mean Girls meme right?! I think they’re great just because you can’t always Snapchat your expression to them. They pretty much always make me laugh too.

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Send letters

This is something that I’m going to start doing next month. I love writing so much and don’t get to do it as often as I like because everything I do is on my laptop. I’ve seen a few different sets in Paperchase that I really that I’m going to buy. I always used a fountain pen in school too so might treat myself to a new one too.

Random Texts

This is just something that will happen. Whether it’s a picture that’s come up on Timehop or to exclaim your excitement for Starbucks Green Tea Latte’s finally making their way to the UK (Rhona knows the deal with this!). Whatever it is, quick messages are the best, it doesn’t matter how far away you are from each other.

Long-distance friendships can be incredibly hard at times, but they can also be so rewarding. I can’t wait for the moment I’m reunited with people I haven’t seen for ages, it’s the best feeling. If a friendship is worth it, it will all work out perfectly.