How I Use Tarot Cards for Journalling

How I Use Tarot Cards for Journalling

Recently, I’ve started using tarot cards for journalling a few times per week. For as long as I can remember, I have loved everything about tarot, crystals and Wicca. I’ve recently fallen back in love with it, along with manifestation. It has helped to curb my anxiety a lot and also gives me clarity for what I want in life along the way.

I used to always think that with tarot reading, it was something you did every so often. A few mornings a week, I start my day by asking questions and recording which cards I pull in my journal. I wanted to share a few of the questions I ask on a regular basis, how I do this and then what I record in my journal. Currently, I’m using The Cosmic Woman Tarot that I was lucky enough to win from Cat at the Self Care Emporium. I also have some Angel Cards that I like to use and the Rider Waite Tarot Deck which is a very popular set.

My morning setup

Once I’ve sorted Luna, I normally drink a coffee or a glass of water outside as long as it’s a nice morning. I’ll try to start my morning with some gratitudes – even if it’s something as simple as being able to actually sit outside with no rain!

Daily Tarot for Journalling

When I come inside, I light a candle and take a few moments to shuffle my cards in the quiet. I’ll focus on the question(s) I want to ask and if I have some ideas on the answers already, I will consider these also. Personally, I like to split my cards into three and then pick the pile that I’m drawn to the most. I then fan my cards out on the floor or the surface in front of me and ask my question out loud. Again, I’ll pull the card that I’m drawn towards and flip it over in front of me.

Daily Tarot for Journalling

Questions I ask on a regular basis with tarot cards for journalling

  • What should I focus on today?
  • What will today bring?
  • What do I need to know today?
  • What should I let go of today?
  • How can I increase my vibrations today?
  • How can I bring more positivity into my life today?
  • Where should I put my energy today?

What to record in your journal

There’s obviously no right or wrong way of recording your reading in your journal but I have a process that I stick to. First, I have a notebook that I only use for tarot readings and daily pull journalling. I write down the question I asked and then the card I pulled – including whether it was upright or reversed.

Daily Tarot for Journalling

I then put a few lines on the meaning of the card and then underneath, how it applies to me. Biddy Tarot is one of my favourite places for finding the meanings of cards. They’re super detailed but easy to understand. You can find a lot of resources on there too for different spreads if you want something more detailed or specific.

Hopefully, you’ve found this interesting, it’s something I’m becoming a lot more comfortable talking about. Manifestation, crystals and Wicca is something I’ve always had an interest in and I think lockdown has spurred that on. I thoroughly recommend you trying out daily tarot pulls. If it’s something you’re really sceptical about, that’s fine. If you try it and find yourself thinking of a situation or outcome, you’ve probably found your answer.

Have you ever tried using daily questions with tarot cards for journalling? How do you use yours?