The Perfect Lazy Sunday

The Perfect Lazy Sunday

The perfect lazy Sunday for me has to be a day of indulgence and pampering. There won’t be an alarm to wake me up but I’ll get up earlyish naturally anyway. Sundays are nothing days. They are the day you relax before heading back to work.

  1. Coffee. I’ll always start my day with coffee. If I’m up and dressed fairly quickly, I’ll head to a coffee shop and start out there. There’s nothing better than a strong hot coffee first thing.
  2. Brunch. Catching up with friends over brunch with a mimosa on a Sunday is one of my favourite things to do! I haven’t done it properly for a while but did it with Rhona a fair bit whilst living in Florida. A girly gossip topped with avocado and eggs makes up a perfect lazy Sunday.
  3. Yoga. My gym has a great yoga class on a Sunday afternoon that I love going to. It helps me to unwind and loosen up any tight muscles that I might have from my training in the week.
  4. Pamper. I’ll try and make sure I have a new face and hair mask for after yoga. I’ll either do it once I’ve got home in the comfort of my own bed, in the sauna at the gym or in the bath.
  5. Nails. Starting Monday with some fresh paint and a new colour always makes me happy. There’s nothing worse than chipped nails and Sunday always seems the best day to do re do them and make them pretty again.
  6. A good series. There’s nothing like binge-watching a series on Netflix or Now TV and not having the guilt that you’ve wasted a day away. Duvet wrapped around you, cup of tea in hand and some popcorn to perfect the mix.
  7. A good book. Finishing the day curled up with a good book to relax and head to bed. I’ve got a few new ones for my birthday so I’m currently reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck” by Sarah Knight. It’s an amazing read about prioritising the things you care about in life.

There are lots of things that can make up the perfect lazy Sunday but these are what I consider to make mine the best. They are meant for relaxing and just taking it easy before heading back to work on the Monday.

What’s your recipe for the perfect lazy Sunday?