Things I Achieved in 2017

things i achieved in 2017

Rather than setting myself goals an obscure amount of goals or resolutions, I wanted to look at all the things I achieved in 2017. We often set unrealistic goals and¬†become weighed down by them when we don’t reach them in the first couple of months. If you’re going to set goals for the year, try breaking them down into smaller goals that are less daunting.

One of the easiest ways to start the year positively is by looking at all the things you achieved in the past year. Whether it’s something as simple as a small, personal goal, a career aspiration or fitness target, celebrating your successes boosts your motivation for the next set.

Things I Achieved in 2017


So no, I might not be the greatest snowboarder but I finally went on a boarding holiday again. This time was in Morzine, France with work which was incredible. I’ve always had a fair bit of fear and lacked in confidence previously but actually managed to snowboard this time. Once I had got my head around where my balance was, it just clicked and I could do it. I’m still not the fastest but I can do a decent run without falling over which was a great achievement for me!

I learnt to let go

Without going into too many details, I’ve learnt to let go. I’ve not let the small things get to me as much, or things I have no control over. It could be something as little as running late for an event and despite leaving early, getting stuck in traffic. Or letting go of toxic friendships that were too much effort and caused too much stress. If you can manage to just move past things, you’ll realise how much happier you become.

Getting further in my career

In the last six months, I’ve probably pushed myself more than I have before. I’ve found a company I adore and a job role I haven’t ever got bored with. I’ve learnt more in this position and all my hard work was paid off in December when I was given Senior PPC Executive. It’s just a small goal in my long-term career aims but I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Going to Disneyland Paris

I suppose this isn’t an ‘achievement’ as such but visiting Disneyland Paris has been on my bucket list for a long time. In September, I finally managed to visit with some friends¬†and it went above and beyond my expectations. I was told so many negative things about the parks and cast members and everyone was so welcoming and lovely.

I ran my second half marathon

Following several injuries, I finally managed to get back into gear and start training a couple of months before. I was on track to beat my last half marathon time by a good 20 minutes but, alas, I managed to get a stomach bug the day before. After sleeping it off, I woke up at 5am, determined to run. Having only eaten a banana for energy, I really struggle but I got through it and didn’t quit. I’m gutted I didn’t beat any goals but I’m so proud of pushing forward and finishing.

These may only be small goals but they meant a lot and were significant to me. I think you can get incredibly bogged down setting unrealistic expectations when going into a new year. Celebrate your little steps in life and look at them with pride. Looking at the things I achieved in 2017, I have a couple of paths I want to take in 2018 that I’d be proud to accomplish. Here’s to 2018, make it your best yet!