Things I’ve Learnt Since University

Things I’ve Learnt Since University

I thought I’d write a post about some of the things I’ve learnt since university and finishing last summer. Now I don’t mean that I’m going to tell you about the facts from my lectures, I mean the life lessons that I’ve learnt. The best thing about going to university is finding out who you really are and discovering the important things in life. Now, I don’t mean this to sound like if you don’t go to university, you don’t get these experiences, I just wanted to write a post about the things that I’ve realised over the past four years.

You learn who your friends are

There are people that I thought would never leave my life; people that I was best friends with at school grow distant and it becomes harder to see them. You can fall out with people over stupid things and people who you thought you knew inside-out become total strangers. I’ve always tried to stay in contact and stay friends but some times things don’t always work out. The only good thing about these losses are the few that remain. The people that have stayed in my life are the greatest people I know, I love them and even if I only see them every few months, I know they’re a text or a phone call away. I’ve also met some of my best friends in the last year, people I could never imagine living without now. It’s amazing how close you can become with some people in so little time. I think this is the biggest thing you learn as the people who stay around are the ones that shape who you are.

You learn the value of money

One of the main things you learn when you move away from home is the value of money. You realise that bills have to be paid, food costs a lot more than you thought and clothes and make-up aren’t always a priority. This probably doesn’t sink in until your second year of uni though when you realise your student finance has to last the whole summer! I think I learnt the most when I moved out of halls and into a flat in the city centre, probably not the best move as a student! You learn how to budget and put what’s important first, just make sure you are sensible and still have enough left over to have fun along the way.

Go with your gut

Whether it’s in a relationship or to do with your course or a job, always go with your gut. It’s always difficult to chose between your head and your heart but deep down, you will always know what you should do or should be doing. There have been a few times throughout university when I didn’t do this and I well and truly regret it now. Missed opportunities and broken hearts; always go with your gut and make sure everything you do, you are doing it for you and having the most fun you can along the way.

Not everyone knows what they want out of life

When you come to your final year you’ll probably start panicking and thinking “What am I doing? What do I want to do with my life?” Some people already know and are heading in the right direction, but for the majority of people they either still don’t know or go into a blind panic and apply for every graduate program out there. I knew I wanted to go into digital marketing so I headed in that direction but whilst juggling a job and my degree, I didn’t have the time to take on an internship. Which leads me onto…

When things don’t work out, try, try again

When I came back from Florida at the end of the summer, I thought I would walk into a job in a digital agency. I had three years worth of working in Apple Retail on my CV, a summer job at Disney World, a 2:1 in Social History that I was originally predicted a third in and a successful blog. Oh boy was I wrong! Experience in the right field seems to be vital for getting some jobs. Between now and then, I have been for countless interviews, pretty much all of which have ended in the companies saying they liked me, but they have chosen someone with more experience. It got me down quite a bit, it’s not an easy thing to gain voluntary work when you have to work full time retail hours. However, I kept pushing and widening my knowledge and then I got offered two jobs in one week! Typical eh? So I’ve finally managed to get into the field I’ve been dreaming of for eight months so all I can say is, don’t give up. You’ll get there in the end.

Being healthy becomes important

I don’t suppose this happens for everyone but you get to a certain point when you decide enough is enough. I’ve done pretty much every fad diet on the market and I’ve finally found something that works and is healthy. If you’ve read my tweets recently you will probably know that I have been following the LDN Muscle Bikini Guide. I’ll be putting up a review on it in about 4 weeks once I’ve reached the two month mark. I seriously can’t recommend their plan enough, I’ve lost just over half a stone so far in a healthy way by following a clean eating and fitness plan, with maybe just a few slips in between!

People grow up

You realise when you get to university that the majority of people grow up. Some people still act like prats but a lot of the bitchyness and clich├ęs of school tend to stop. In the end, you’re either friends with people, or you’re not. You learn to be civil and just move on. I don’t tend to hold grudges and I always try to not make things messy, you never know who you will bump into later on in life after all !

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, I’ve really loved writing it. I think the way we see our lives going when we are 18 rarely goes the way we plan but the journey is always fun none-the-less. Don’t get yourself too bogged down, life is an adventure and it comes with highs and lows that mould you into the person you truly are.