Must-See Spots in Santorini

As most will know from my white and blue pictures on Instagram, I recently visited Santorini. It was my first proper holiday in well over five years and it was completely incredible. Not only was it… View Post

How to Get Bikini Body Ready

Step 1 to getting your bikini body ready: Put a bikini on. From someone who has been up and down with their weight and tried every diet out there for the good part of ten… View Post

Adventures in Edinburgh

I’ve wanted to venture to Edinburgh for a while now. The only time I’ve been was when I was ten years old so it’s not something I remember very clearly. One of my nearest and… View Post

Road Trip Part Two: Charleston, South Carolina

After spending almost two full days in Savannah, we ended up only having around 30 hours in Charleston but got a lot done. Vikki was in contact with her friend’s mum, Athene, who lived there… View Post

Road Trip Part One: Savannah, Georgia

So something I’ve always wanted to do is go on a road trip in the USA and with turning 25, I took the opportunity to rent a car at a much cheaper rate (the only… View Post