Deadwood Smokehouse, Mold

Deadwood Smokehouse, Mold

If you know me, you’ll know that I adore American food, especially smokehouses. I came across Deadwood Smokehouse in Mold, near Chester, when Curt and I were looking for somewhere to eat for date night. The menu looked amazing so we booked a table for late one Sunday afternoon to avoid it being busy. Think ribs, steaks, burgers, chicken, onion rings, chips and so much more. The drinks looked really good too; lots of twists on classic cocktails and bottled American beers.

They’re based on the high street in Mold so there’s plenty of parking nearby. Unlike Chester, parking is free on a Sunday which is a bonus. Walking into Deadwood Smokehouse, I expected it to be a lot bigger than it was. Being used to Hickory’s in Chester, I think I was expecting something similar to that. It’s much more intimate and holds about 30 covers at a time. The atmosphere and music playing inside were great. A perfect mix of my favourite genres; country and some classic rock.

Deadwood Smokehouse, Mold 1

Deadwood Smokehouse; The Food

When you go to American-style smokehouses like this, you really can’t just go in for a main. If you’re going to do it, do it right! There’s so much to choose from for starters. Classics like nachos, halloumi bites, fried shrimp and more. I went for the onion rings with a ranch dip and Curt had the buffalo hot wings for our first courses. As expected, the portions were huge and if you wanted to go in for something quick, a few starters between two would hit the spot.

Deadwood Smokehouse, Mold 2

Deadwood Smokehouse, Mold 3

I can pretty much guarantee that I will always have ribs at a place like Deadwood Smokehouse. It’s something that I never cook myself and I really can’t resist them with lashings of BBQ sauce. I swapped out my normal chips for dirty fries which was such an epic choice. They came covered in brisket, beans, bacon, mac and cheese and brisket gravy and were incredible! If you’re going to do it, do it right after all.

Curt went for the cajun-style steak which he even struggled to finish! The portions were huge and the meals were even better than our starters. I really want to go back and try the burgers as they’re something I don’t eat that often when I’m out anymore. There’s not a great deal to choose from off the menu if you don’t eat meat but I’d never expect vegetarians to really be at a place like this. As long as you like cheese, there’s a couple of halloumi-based mains and more choice for starters.

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Deadwood Smokehouse, Mold 5


There was a such a great choice of drinks too. I wish Deadwood Smokehouse were a little closer to Chester or Wrexham for a few after work! We both love trying new and different types of beers but for once, I opted for a cocktail. At the time, the draft beer wasn’t working so that’s the perfect excuse for us to go back again. I opted for the Big ‘Ole’ Bonfire Moonshine cocktail which to me, was the perfect autumnal cocktail. It’s a base of cranberry juice, a herbal elixir but with most of the flavour coming from the orange moonshine and the cinnamon. I can imagine it would be really good hot. Ole Smoky Moonshine is in a lot of stores in America but I’ve never seen it in any supermarkets here. I’ve found it online, but if you ever find that or something similar, let me know.

Deadwood Smokehouse, Mold 6

We’ll definitely be visiting again, I would like to go back when it’s a little busier to see how the atmosphere differs. If you want something different and not in Wrexham or Chester city centre, Deadwood Smokehouse in Mold is perfect. The food was incredible and the service was second-to-none. The prices are pretty decent, the portions are big and if you like 80s style rock or country, then you can get your American fix of food and music here.

For Chester based posts, keep an eye on this section, more places will be added over the next few weeks.