The Flower Cup, Chester

The Flower Cup, Chester

One of my favourite places to take friends when they visit is for brunch. It has something for everyone whether they prefer sweet or savoury, meaty or veggie. As with most cities, Chester has a lot to offer for a hearty late breakfast. My personal favourite is without a doubt The Flower Cup on the rows in the centre of town. They opened their doors in November 2016 and there has always been a full house when I have visited.

The Flower Cup, Chester is different from your average brunch spot. Not only do they make incredible coffee and food, but they are also a botanical flower shop. They’re independent, which isn’t a rare occurrence in Chester, but they are unique in style. When you first walk in, you are surrounded by succulents, hanging baskets and seasonal flowers and plants. There’s even a little seating area out the front on the rows with some fake grass and upturned palette boxes to sit and have a coffee.

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On the menu, they have some amazing options for everyone. I normally go for either avocado, bacon and egg on toast or the chorizo hash. I’ve wanted to try one of the sweet options for a while though. They have pancakes (gluten free and vegan options available) and french toast for those with a sweeter disposition like me. I went for the chocolate french toast with berry pannacotta, white chocolate sauce and blueberries. Absolutely no regrets. The portion was huge and it was so delicious. It came as a big door stop piece and wasn’t too sickly at all. I have no shame in saying that I finished it either!

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Something I’ve seen floating around Instagram and Pinterest recently is a Turmeric Latte. It was a special on the drinks menu at The Flower Cup, Chester so I decided to try one out. Coconut milk was the base which gave it an incredibly silky texture that I wasn’t expecting. It tasted like it should have been a naughty drink like a Starbuck’s Frappuccino but with much fewer calories. I still prefer having a burst of caffeine to wake me up with breakfast, but it was a nice alternative.

They also host craft events such as wreath making, flower arranging, pumpkin carving and more in their botanicals shop next door. The recently opened The Violet Palm next door as the main shop for the flowers and plants. The events used to be in the main cafe but have now been moved next door. I’m assuming as they are always popular and make the coffee shop too busy. There are so many great items to buy in there too. I’ll be popping in for some once I’ve moved house and settled after Christmas. I’m a massive fan of Hygge (despite the decrease in its fame this season) and they sell a lot of pots and plants to make your home feel that little bit cosier.

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So if you’re here for the day, I would thoroughly recommend heading to The Flower Cup, Chester. It’s a really great location being central to town and on the rows too. I would say to expect to wait for a little while if you go around lunchtimes at the weekends but it’s definitely worth it. The prices are pretty decent with a coffee and a good-size brunch setting you back between £10-£15 each.

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