Up In Your Grill, Brownsfield Mill

Up In Your Grill, Brownsfield Mill

So for the next addition in my Manchester Series, I thought I’d tell you all about an amazing event called Up In Your Grill that is on every weekend for the next nine in a row. I work along side the guys who have created it and I loved every minute of being there so I wanted to include it in the series.

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Up In Your Grill, Brownsfield Mill 2

Up In Your Grill, Brownsfield Mill 3

Every Friday evening from 5-12pm and Saturday from 2pm-12pm the newest, most incredibly yummy food and music is here for the summer. It’s set perfectly in Brownsfield Mill, Tariff Street in the Northern Quarter, with brick walls, peeling paint and has a completely industrial feel. The bar is inside along with a large covered seating area complete with graffiti covered walls. The bar sells craft ales and ciders, beers from around the world (Moritz from Spain of which I fell in love with!) and some really scrummy cocktails. I tried the Peppered Pineapple Caipirinha which was beautiful! Hot and sweet all at the same time but lovely and refreshing.

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Up In Your Grill, Brownsfield Mill 5

Up In Your Grill, Brownsfield Mill 6

Up In Your Grill, Brownsfield Mill 7

Outside are some shanty-town shacks made from corrugated metal and scaffolding which look absolutely amazing! This is where the good stuff is! Each day, there are different food vendors bringing you finger licking goodness. The hot dogs pictured are from Diamond Dogs, one with duck, hoi-sin sauce, spring onions and topped off with crumbed cashews if I remember rightly. Other vendors that were there also looked equally as good; Solita (which I had on Friday night when I went), Viet Shack, Mughli, Nkono, Honest Crust, Mash-Up and that’s just to name a few! The prices are pretty reasonable too, you can eat from £4 to £10, or a little extra if you try more than one vendor!

Up In Your Grill, Brownsfield Mill 8

Next up is the music! There are different DJs for each night, most of which are local and were playing some amazing tunes that gave a great atmosphere. The booth was set above the food vendor shacks and looked a little too high for my liking but looked absolutely brilliant! The picture I have up is of Will and Henry who I work with, A.K.A. MasterSchweff.

I thoroughly recommend that you get down to Up In Your Grill at one point over the summer, it has an amazing vibe, great food and some tasty drinks. You can keep updated on who’s there by following the Beat Street Manchester on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Entry is free if you arrive before 7pm but only £3 on the gate after that time. Keep your eye out on the social media channels as there have been competitions for queue jump tickets. Also, if you’re looking for a way to get there, sign up for an Uber taxi using my code for xk5u0 and you can get £10 free credit. Always good to get a freebie thrown in!