Waxy Official Snap Bars

Waxy Official Snap Bar

I came across Waxy Official snap bars on Instagram a few weeks ago and saw their Black Coconut scent which I immediately had to have. I’m an absolute sucker for scented candles and wax melts around the house. Lighting some is one of the first things I do after work and in the mornings at the weekends. There were too many scents to choose from so I bought a bundle pack. Whether you buy individually or part of a package, they are cheap as chips at £2.50/strip or £10 for five,!

In my pack I decided to go for; Black Coconut, Fresh Linen, Dark Fairy, Creed and Teakwood. They arrived only a few days after ordering in a slim cardboard box that’s small enough to fit through your letterbox. The wax melts come in a strip that you snap off and put in the top of your burners. All are amazing colours with confetti and shimmer/glitter in them. One thing I would say is that they are so strong! I’ve found that a little goes a long way and have started splitting the bricks into smaller ones.

Waxy Official Snap Bar

Black Coconut has a really fresh, woody coconut smell. This is probably my go-to and favourite from the range that I have bought so far. I love any kind of tropical smells as you might have seen here and coconut (along with pineapple) is at the top of that list. If I’m honest, I went from a browser to a purchaser because of their branding. It’s so quirky and sassy and I love it!

WARNING – this product has side effects of making you wish you were on holiday instead of shopping for wax melts. No coconuts were harmed in the making of this snap bar. 

Fresh Linen went into my box next. Having a fresh smell in the bedroom and bathroom for every day is something I love. Really perfumed sweet smells can sometimes give me a headache if I’m trying to get some shut-eye. One of the things I like the most about the Waxy Official snap bars is that you can smell them when they’re not lit too. If I have guests coming over, I’ll light this one for a few hours prior and then blow them out before as that’s all you really need. A great clean, crisp scent.

Next up is Teakwood, one of the two more masculine fragrances that I bought. It’s a lovely, light, woody scent. It’s earthy and this will be great for burning over autumn as the nights start to draw in earlier. Not that I’m wishing the summer away, but I already can’t wait to be wrapped up and cosy.

Waxy Official Snap Bar

Now, Dark Fairy caught my eye instantly too. I always re-buy something from the Lush Snow Fairy range at Christmas and this has the exact scent. It’s sickly sweet and in the best one. I’ll only burn this one for half an hour at a time initially as I do find it a lot stronger in comparison to the rest. They did pre-warn that this scent isn’t for the faint hearted so you may find it a little too pungent. Definitely, do not start burning it just before you eat, it’s a weird smell/taste combination.

Last up but by no means what I hope to be the end of my collection, Creed. This is the other masculine Waxy Official snap bar that I mentioned. I love the colour of this, a dark grey with green and blue stars and black shimmer swirled through it. Mesmerising. It’s based on the men’s aftershave and is an amazing smell whilst not too overpowering. Incredibly musky and makes the room it’s in feel cosy, which I love.

So that’s the start of my Waxy Official snap bar collection so far. They have just released some new scents, one of which was a sample in the package. There’s also a skull-shaped was melt which is based on Tom Ford’s Black Orchid which I will be getting on payday with a few others. For £2.50 a strip with a bit couple of extra quid for delivery, it’s hard not to buy every item they have.

Waxy Official Snap Bar

Have you tried any of the Waxy Official snap bars yet?