12 Ways to Take a Break Whilst Working From Home

12 Ways to Take a Break Whilst Working From Home

Over the next few weeks (hopefully not months!), I’ll be trying out different ways to take a break whilst working from home. Most people that can are staying inside and not travelling into an office. If you work in digital, this probably doesn’t come as an unusual concept to you but can be daunting when you have to do it every day for the foreseeable future. It’s important to take proper breaks still and get some time away from your screen. Some of these I’ll be incorporating into a daily routine or just trying out every so often.

Go for a walk

Normally, I walk around 9,000 – 12,000 steps per day when I’m at the office. I get the train in and then have around a fifteen-minute walk in. I’m going to try and keep this up so I’ll be going for walks on my lunches to get out of the house for a bit.

ways to take a break whilst working from home

Do a home workout

There are a lot of companies offering free online workouts whilst all gyms are closed. I’m at DW Fitness currently and they have given access to all the Les Mills classes online. Stay active whilst gyms are closed and get that heart rate up!

Practise mindfulness

This is something I’ve started doing more and more recently. Keeping a positive outlook and staying calm is probably one of the most important ways to take a break whilst working from home. I’ve been using Headspace for a few months now and think it’s great. I started off using it to get to sleep but have now started some courses that are simple and easy to get you started. They’re offering some free support right now whilst we all get through Covid-19.

Watch an episode

This is probably the easiest way to switch off but it is simply switching screens. For me, putting something like Friends on is best because I don’t have to pay much attention to it. Disney+ also finally launched today so that is a great thing to sign up to!

Find an online yoga session

I was actually recommended Yoga with Adriene by a friend. I’ve started doing the morning and evening yoga routines to try and find focus and then switch off. I’ll be trying out some of her longer sessions once I get into more of a settled routine.

ways to take a break whilst working from home

Take a bath

Enjoy a long hot bath with some of those ‘special’ bath bombs and candles you’ve been saving. Make it that bit better and have one on your lunch as one of the best ways to take a break whilst working from home.

Read a book

If you’re anything like me, you’ll possibly have several books you’ve bought but haven’t made the time to actually read them. This is your time to do this. Reading first thing in the morning, especially a mindset book is incredibly empowering and the perfect way to start the day.

ways to take a break whilst working from home

Listen to a podcast

I usually spend my walk to work listening to a podcast. I can’t really listen to them whilst working as I love concentration easily but I do want to take some breaks and listen to small, chunks or short shows.

Make your lunch

I normally meal prep the night before but whilst working at home, I’m cooking on my lunches instead. For me, it’s a hobby and something I enjoy so relaxes me. It’s possibly not the best for me in terms of health as I think I’ve eaten a cheese and ham toasty every day for the last week!


Again, this may be frustrating for others but I love a quick whip around with different cleaning bits. Maybe you have a wardrobe that’s needed a sort out for far too long or that kitchen cupboard overrun with plastic tubs? Cleaning and decluttering helps me to feel less messy in my mind as well as in my home.

12 Ways to Take a Break Whilst Working From Home 1


If you’re willing and able to, sign up as a volunteer in your local area. The NHS are taking on 250,000 volunteer responders currently and good lord, it’s going to need it. Dedicate some time to helping your community or a vulnerable person in need.

Do some DIY

After all the decorating we’ve done recently, I really didn’t have the energy to do the extra bits that weren’t as important. Now that we’re pretty much on lockdown, it’s been a perfect time put a marble effect vinyl wrap on the worktops in the kitchen. It’s not too difficult so I’m going to wrap all the cupboards over the next couple of weeks too.

How are you taking breaks whilst working from home right now? Are you finding it difficult to switch off?