We Got a German Shepherd Puppy! Meet Luna

Luna German Shepherd Puppy

If you haven’t already seen on Instagram, we got a puppy! Meet Luna the almost nine-week-old German Shepherd puppy. She’s been blessing our home now for a few days and we are so in love with her. She wasn’t quite anticipated until the summer but with everything going on at the moment, now was perfect timing.

She’s been with us less than a week and she’s already pretty much sleeping through the night and with no accidents. Luna loves her football and runs up and down the garden chasing after it. We’ve managed to get her booked in for her second lot of injections so can’t wait to start training her on the lead for walks.

We’ve been crate training her and she loves having a nap in there. Everything seems to have been fairly easy so far – touch wood, let’s not jinx it! She’s going to the toilet outside already and is so clever.

Luna German Shepherd Puppy

We’ve created an Instagram account for her here so feel free to follow to keep up with what she’s doing daily. Expect a lot more posts about our little German Shepherd puppy on here, she will be a regular feature!

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