Week 5 of #100happydays

I’m nicely up to date on the #100happydays blog posts after the little mishaps last week. I’ve had a slightly more relaxed week and had my mum up for a few days which was really nice. I’ve been feeling a little down and after speaking to one of my friends and sorting out a plan, my mood has started to improve slightly. I think it’s been made slightly worse as I’m playing a waiting game with something at the moment which I’m really excited about!



#day29 After a morning meeting, I went to Ikea with my mum to pick up a few bits. Naturally, I had to have some meatballs whilst I was there and I also bought some along with the sauce/gravy and the yummy lingonberry jam.

#day30 There’s nothing more inviting than your own bed after a long day at work.

#day31 I wore my Lana del Rey trousers from H&M for the first time this year. They are so comfy and I forgot they have pockets which comes in handy for work.

#day32 I haven’t had mac and cheese for absolutely ages so I decided to buy the ingredients on the way home. I always put bacon and chives in it as well and top it off with some breadcrumbs in the oven. De-li-cious!

#day33 My friend Aiden and I went to Costa on our lunch to have a bit of a chat. After feeling a bit crappy for a few weeks or so now, he helped me with getting a plan in place to sort myself out and shake my mood. He also bought all of this! I’d like to put it out there that we only ended up eating the slice of cake!

#day34 The app Timehop has made me realise how healthy and fit I was this time last year so I decided to buy some flaxseed to put in my meals again. Health is obviously not just about adding one thing but it’s a step in the right direction for me.

#day35 I absolutely love Netflix but it’s been a while since I really got hooked on a series but after just five minutes, I am absolutely sold! It’s so gripping and keeps me wanting to watch episode after episode. And does actually make me jump which doesn’t often happen with horrors or thrillers.

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Week 5 of #100happydays