Where to Start a Home Renovation

Where to Start a Home Renovation

As you can guess from our before and after pictures, knowing where to start a home renovation can be incredibly overwhelming. When there’s so much that’s needed to be done, it’s hard to decide where you need to begin. We had already decided to get new carpets, but we needed to get to a point where they were able to get put in. We worked backwards from there and this is how we did it.

Choose 2-3 Rooms

Depending on how big your house is, I would recommend choosing two to three rooms to finish well. We chose the lounge and bedroom, if we had more time (which in the end, we did) we would do more. We used Pinterest a lot to come up with ideas for these rooms and settled on a navy feature wall in the lounge and a darker grey and teal bedroom. So where do you start a home renovation to get to your vision?

Wallpaper Stripping

The house we moved to had that really thick wallpaper that you paint. Once we had chosen which rooms to do, this was the first thing to go on our agenda. We started to strip back the wallpaper in the lounge and then found layer upon layer underneath! Luckily our bedroom wasn’t quite as bad and was a lot quicker and easier.

Where to Start a Home Renovation

Fireplace Removals/Updates

I’ve always wanted a real fire but this was going to be a pricey investment as all the chimney needed to be done as it’s set up for gas fires. We decided to completely rip out the one on the lounge as we wanted to put the TV on the wall. In the dining room, we wanted to make a feature fireplace with some grey and white tiles we found in B&Q. Curt’s dad made us a base and put the tiles in. We still need to grout it and clean up the chimney but the aim is to have some big pillar candles in the middle.


We never planned to do this but after peeling back all of the years worth of wallpaper and paint, you might find you need to. Unfortunately, we had three damaged rooms that we really couldn’t fix up ourselves after removing all the wallpaper. This really wasn’t a cost that we had considered so keep in mind when considering where to start a home renovation. There could definitely be costs of around £350-£500 per room for plastering.

Our bedroom and bathroom weren’t quite as bad and we were able to fix the most part with filler and a paste. It’s more obvious where this has been used but it does a really good job.

Where to Start a Home Renovation

Gas & Electrics

One of the first things we noticed was that in most rooms there was only one single plug socket. We got a couple of electricians around for a quote to get some more double sockets put in along with cables for an electric shower. We then quickly realised we would need to get a new fuse box as the one currently installed was too old to add in extra points.

We have an old boiler at the moment. It’s not very eco-friendly but, touch wood, it works. Ideally, we would have loved to update it to a new system but this is going to be incredibly expensive update.


We had to work really quickly between having the plastering finished, painting and the flooring being put it. If you’re doing everything in little time, make sure plastering is the first place you start a home renovation. We were lucky enough to get some industrial dehumidifiers to help us. We managed to get most areas dried within about 48 hours.

When you’re painting plaster, you need to to do one-two mist layers which is basically three parts emulsion mixed with one part water. The first couple of layers soaks into the plaster so you need to do this so that your actual paint goes on well.

Other areas that you might need to paint are places like skirting boards, door frames or doors. Everything in our house was cream and just looked a little dull. We sanded everything then used wood paint. It takes ages to dry so take this into account before starting.


The last part of our home renovation was getting new flooring everywhere. We decided on a grey carpet throughout but went for a wood effect cushion flooring in the kitchen and hallway and a tile effect one in the bathroom. We shopped locally and got a really decent price with fitting and it was all done in around a day in a half.

There are so many places that you can start a home renovation but this is how we tackled it. I think the best tip I could give you is to choose a few rooms that you specifically want to get done and concentrate on those. Expect the unexpected as it’s not cheap and you’ll probably have to fix things you didn’t think you’d have to.